Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Mom's Protection Oil

I went to my Mother's house today to help her & my Step-Dad with a couple of things, like taking out the trash and moving some stuff around the garage.

As I was leaving, she took me aside and slipped me a small bottle of a strange, viscous liquid.

She told me that it was my own personal version of her protection oil, designed to keep me from being attacked while I am working.

I asked her what she thought would be attacking me at work, and she shrugged & said, as if explaining something obvious to an idiot, "Demons, people, spells."

She told me to dab this stuff on my Adam's apple, the back of my neck, and on the insides of both my wrists before entering my workplace.

I asked her what was in it, and she told me she couldn't say because that would take away its power. I uncapped it & took a sniff. It smelled like a mixture of mothballs & soy sauce.

"And don't share it with anyone," my mother warned me. "It only works for you, but only if you keep it for yourself."

I assured her that I wouldn't let anyone else use it. 

And then I thanked her, because what else do you do when your Mom offers to protect you from demons?

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