Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OFF-MENU GOODNESS: The Vincent Vega from Grouchy John's Coffee Shop

Behold (though it's hard because of the crappy camera on my Iphone) the newest off-menu goodness available at Grouchy John's Coffee Shop: the Vincent Vega!

Suggested by a customer of our trailer and then blatantly stolen from the Mission Coffee Cup in La Jolla, this beverage (whose relationship to John Travolta's character in Pulp Fiction is obliquely thematic at best) has a unique flavor profile that frankly isn't for everyone.

We begin with a cup full of ice, add shots of vanilla syrup and half-and-half, and then pour in a shot of espresso. A can of Coca-Cola is opened and gently decanted into this conglomeration, and we must take care not to allow the volatile meeting of soda & espresso to erupt into a foam-over. Instead, by controlling the rate of introduction of the cola, we create a nice layer of root-beer-float-like foam atop the drink, roughly the consistency of sea-foam.

Once the cup is full, a single stir of the beverage allows the constituent fluids to mix so that each sip (either by straw or not) embodies the essential paradox at the heart of the Vincent Vega: that the espresso & the cola never fully integrate. Instead, on the tongue, the dark heaviness of the espresso sits alongside syrupy sweetness of the cola, creating an at-first bewildering sensation that soon coalesces into a taste that is not altogether unpleasant.

It's not for everyone, and we won't always have it available, so get it while you can to find out if you're someone who wants it.



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