Saturday, March 17, 2012

Last Night's Dreams

Last night's dreams were full of strangeness, with Ray & Rick popping in & out of scenes in various disguises & accents. My wife laughed hysterically each time, even when they appeared as menaces, as when, while trying to exit a phantasmagoric Circus Circus buffet, Ray-as-fake-Elvis rushed up to us, waving a loaded .44 magnum while singing "Love Me Tender"...or when, just as we were enjoying a night-time view of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas from the observation deck of the Stratosphere Tower (which, incidentally, had been converted into the Central Government Building for the fiefdom of Sin City), Rick-as-Evel-Knievel crashed through a window on a motorcycle that he'd jumped from the open cargo hatch of a passing C-130, darting all the security guards & soldiers with an auto-air-pistol and installing himself as the new Mayor of the City, granting me a pardon for all my transgressions and promoting me to majordomo...

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