Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snapshot of the Day: Bao from Chairman Bao at Khoury's Fine Wine

This is the kind of deliciousness you can find when you show up to one of the free tastings at Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits on Wednesdays or Thursdays nights.

Tonight, there were some wonderful European wines (whose names & provenances I've sadly forgotten), as well as food from two great trucks: San Francisco-based Chairman Bao and the local stalwart SausageFest.

Pictured above is a kind of sampler platter from the Chairman Bao truck: (clockwise from upper left) Pork Belly, Tofu, Spicy Chicken, another Tofu, and (in the middle) Coke-braised pork. All were exceedingly scrumptious, and my personal fave was the Pork Belly Bao. Fine food made by very nice people.

Although tonight was ostensibly a wine-tasting, I paired the platter above with a glass of New Belgium Cocoa Mole (which I've written about previously). The combination put a smile on my face and filled my belly with happiness.

Of the 5 wines being sampled, I preferred the chardonnay (though I'm not sure it was actually a chardonnay) and the cheaper cabernet (probably owing to my rather untrained, blue-collar palate). But, honestly, they were all very good.

For dessert, I topped it all off with some venison sausage from SausageFest, which was rich & flavorful.

Of course, all of this wonderful fare wouldn't be half as fulfilling without the charming & gracious company of such people as the Khourys, Kim, Lisa, the other Kim & Caleb, Chris, Natalie, Josh, Oliver, and the rest of motley denizens of Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits. They make it fun.

For a snapshot of some of us, including me acting goofy, go here. Another one is here.

If I die tonight, it'll be as a happy man.

Maybe you'll join me next week?

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