Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Grouchy John's Super Bowl Party

So, we decided to have a little get-together at our upcoming Grouchy John's Coffee shop to watch the Super Bowl. You know, something informal and fun in the space where, in a few weeks we'll be working like slaves.

Grouchy John's Mama cooked up some fajitas, meatballs, wings, and this delicious strawberry-shortcake dessert that had several guests asking for the recipe, and we brought a TV from home to show the Big Game. Someone even brought a bucket of KFC!

We want to thank the Ynigues clan and members of TastyBunz, SausageFest, Haulin Balls, Top Notch BBQ, Bread & Butter bakery, Great Bao, and Ben's BBQ for making it happen & keeping the laughs and Hennessy flowing.

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