Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jonathan Coulton on Piracy & Art

Jonathan Coulton, from an interview in Joystiq

So if you know me, you should know that I'm a big fan of Jonathan Coulton. His catchy, irreverent songs have a permanent place on my personal playlist, and I've written about my fandom of him in the past.

(Currently, his song "Nemeses" is infecting my brain and I can't stop humming it to myself.)

Now, in the wake of the MegaUpload arrests, Coulton has written a well-reasoned and passionate blog post about online piracy, copyright infringement, and being an artist in the age of the internet.

I agree with every word of it.

The most salient quote:
Make good stuff, then make it easy for people to buy it. There’s your anti-piracy plan. The big content companies are TERRIBLE at doing both of these things, so it’s no wonder they’re not doing so well in the current environment. And right now everyone’s fighting to control distribution channels, which is why I can’t watch Star Wars on Netflix or iTunes. It’s fine if you want to have that fight, but don’t yell and scream about how you’re losing business to piracy when your stuff isn’t even available in the box I have on top of my TV.
If this is stuff you care about, you should read Coulton's blog post.


Then buy his music. It totally rocks (softly).


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