Monday, September 19, 2011

Shakespeare by Anthony Jeselnik

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It seems rare nowadays to see a comedian who just writes jokes.

Indeed, it seems downright old-fashioned.

But this is what Anthony Jeselnik does.

Not for him is the current fashion of rambling, confessional, self-aware storytelling that passes for stand-up comedy nowadays.

No, Jeselnik's set consists of a nonstop barrage of confidently-delivered, carefully-crafted jokes (i.e., setup & punchline), mostly designed to elicit cringe-inducing laughter.

His debut album, Shakespeare, is roughly an hour of killer material, though those with delicate sensibilities and/or underdeveloped affinities for sarcasm need not partake.

I first noticed him when he performed at the Comedy Central's The Roast of Donald Trump, where he clearly outshone the other roasters.

I really enjoy his wit and his craftsmanship. I bet you will, too.

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