Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Attack The Block - a popcorn movie

Get Your Popcorn Ready!
Attack The Block is a popcorn movie. It's entertaining and well-made and has all the aesthetic depth of a buttered snack.

The premise begs for a certain suspension of disbelief: a group of young thugs whose territory is a crowded housing project in London finds themselves at odds with a group of predatory aliens. The film's primary pleasures come in the exotic mix of elements from movie genres that are generally held as mutually exclusive: the science-fiction invasion movie & the urban teen comedy -- with a perfect tag-line: "Inner City versus Outer Space."

Thus do we get the well-earned punchline: "See, is that a dog? That is not a dog!" (See the movie to get the joke.)

I also see interesting parallels between the recent blockbuster Super-8 and this funny little import. Both movies feature youngsters having to cope with interstellar intrusions, but the tone & setting of each movie is vastly different. Where the former is clearly an earnest homage, the latter is just an exercise in fun. And I would argue that Attack The Block holds its own in this comparison.

This isn't Alien, and these ain't the Goonies...
I really enjoyed it, meaning that I just let Attack The Block wash over me like a light rain-shower on a hot day. I doubt its makers meant anything more by it.

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