Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hanging With My Princess

The Passion Fruit Jelly Ice & Peppermint Milk Tea with Boba from Tea Station.

Spent a rare, wonderful evening just hanging out with my beautiful Princess.

First, we met a group of old friends & acquaintances because my Brother Ray was in town. He & I went to college together, and several fellow alums of UNLV gathered at Metro Pizza to catch up with Ray and tell old war stories about each other.

The Princess, as usual, took all the revelations about my misspent youth in stride, and I'm happy to say we left the place with our relationship intact, despite all the horrible things she learned about me.

Everyone was, of course, both fun & gracious. One of the nice things about getting older & wiser is being able to get past all the petty tribulations that plagued our immature years -- the squabbles and jealousies -- so that we can just meet and have a little fellowship, food, and fun.

I'm just talking about me, of course. Everyone else has been mature & friendly for years. But I'm just now coming out of my brooding adolescence, emotionally speaking.

Next, the Princess & I headed over to Tea Station on Spring Mountain Road for her favorite late-night beverage: a "Passion Fruit Jelly Ice" that's cold, sweet, and refreshing.

I got a peppermint milk tea with boba, an old stand-by that cleansed the Metro Pizza Nuclear Fries from my palate. Honestly, I remember those fries being MUCH spicier when I used to get them years ago. Maybe it's just that my tolerance for spice has gotten stronger.

Or maybe it's just that my tastebuds are dying of old age.

In the meantime, the Princess munched her way through a plate of fried wontons and another plate of chicken wings. How she eats & eats and still looks so hot is beyond me.

Overall, it was a nice way to spend an evening, and I have to thank Brother Ray and all who came to meet him for making it possible.

Oh, and thanks to my Princess, too. Without her, my life would be a shambles. And a lot less fun.

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