Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today We Brought Some Shade!

Since today's high is projected at 107, Grouchy John & I thought we'd bring a little shelter for our dear customers, so they don't sizzle while they're waiting for their frappes & smoothies.

Personally, I love the summer heat, but even a desert reptile like me needs some shade!

So if you visit us today (outside the offices of SK+G at 8912 Spanish Ridge), just know you'll have some cover to duck under while waiting for us to serve you some caffeinated happiness.

Oh, and don't forget that our current special is the "Caribbean Colada Smoothie" -- which is made from piƱa colada flavoring & chunks of real pineapple. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to serve it with rum. Still, it's a great refreshment in this heat.

See you soon!

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