Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buy Bloodsucking Vegas Directly From The Author

Available from Amazon

Although my novel, Bloodsucking Vegas: a vampire noir, is available from both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites as both a paperback or an e-book, you can also purchase the e-book versions of the book directly from me.

Here's how it works: use the drop-down menu below to specify which format of the e-book you want and then complete the transaction via Paypal. Once the transaction clears, I will send you the e-book via email. It's that easy.

And buying directly from me offers additional benefits: when you use Paypal to send me 99 cents, I can send you the e-book version of Bloodsucking Vegas: a vampire noir in any or all of the following formats: PDF, Word Doc, EPUB or Mobi. All you have to do is specify which format you'd like using the drop-down menu below. If you choose "Other", I'll just email copies of the novel to you in all of these formats, flooding your inbox with multiple versions of my novel.

Also, if you specify in the comments section of the order form, I'll even email copies of the Bloodsucking Vegas: a vampire noir e-book to another email address as a gift.

Essentially, this allows you to get several copies of the e-book version of my novel for a single 99-cent price. Maybe I need to have my head examined, but it's true. Think of it as yet another benefit of going directly to the source.

So, let's cut out the middle-man. Buy this e-book directly from the author.

To purchase an e-book directly from me:

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