Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Example of Only In Las Vegas: The Penis On Pecos

So, on my meaderings through the city today, I passed by the infamous "Penis On Pecos," the custom-designed, mid-1970's house on Pecos Road whose overall shape is decidedly phallic...

(picture it as a phallus, pointing left.)

...only to find that it is now a foster care agency (with a website that's even worse than my own!). Does anyone else see this as cosmically appropriate?

While I couldn't hop into a helicopter to take a top-down shot of the house, the following shot of the "gonad" end of the building should help you build the correct mental image of the house.

(this pair of rooms should round out your imagination nicely)

If not, you can also read the Las Vegas Weekly's original article about this unique local landmark.

It's further proof that Las Vegas ain't only about the casinos.



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