Monday, November 22, 2010

Levels of Insight

Pictured above is a minute that occurs twice a day, unless you're using military time, in which case it only occurs once.

Because of the way we number things, this minute seems significant.

I captured this particular minute on my microwave, as I nuked another large cup of mint tea.

These are the kind of observations that fill my day.

Like some kind of guileless innocent, I wander around, bathed in wonder and awe at the lush detail of the world around me. I am one of those details.

The mint tea is warm and delicious and doesn't keep me up all night.

The dog is asleep on the couch. He's a little disappointed that we didn't take a late-night walk. He doesn't understand that it's too cold out.

In the bedroom, my Princess sleeps, hopefully dreaming of me -- but not a better me. I don't want her waking up and being disappointed.

I plan on acting like this until the day I die. Until then, indulge me and reserve judgement.

Oh, and I also do a lot of writing, though I am reluctant to share what I've written with people. I prefer to tinker with it until I must abandon it in frustration and begin anew.

I am always willing to share what I've abandoned. Who isn't?

Trust me: you are not the first person to think I may need professional help.

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