Friday, July 30, 2010

Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack

Last week, it was hot. Really hot. Having lived here since 1985, I've experienced my share of hot. But last week was scorching.

Las Vegas recorded a week of over-110 degrees (Farenheit) temperatures, and buildings were literally bursting into flame. More than a few people I know had their air-conditionings fail, and, though I relish our summer heat, I lived like a vampire: during daylight hours, I just stayed indoors.

But I did need to venture forth once into the blazing sunshine, and, after running a couple of errands with the Princess, we decided we needed something cold and refreshing.

At the corner of Horizon Ridge and Arroyo Grande in Henderson sits a small shack with a colorful paint-job that offered exactly what we needed.

The Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack has an impressive menu of flavors available, and a big cup of deliciously-flavored ice is just the thing to keep you from overheating.

(The Princess about to order her snowcone.)

Now, you may scoff at the idea of traveling anywhere to get a cup of flavored ice, and, given my own past experience with such things, I would tend to agree. But the Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack surpassed my expectations with the sheer quality of their product.

(Tamarind & Tiger's Blood on the left, Daiquiri & Grape on the right)

The Princess went with a mix of grape & daiquiri flavorings, while I went with tamarind & Tiger's Blood (which is a mixture of strawberry & coconut, I think).

The mix of ice and syrup is just right, sweet but not too sweet, and the ice is perfectly textured so as to keep its shape without melting into slush or turning into a block. The Purple Penguin even offers to put sweet cream in the bottom of your cup to add an extra layer of deliciousness. With a menu of 37 flavors, you're bound to find just the right flavor.

The two cups shown above (a medium and a small) cost a total of $5, and were well worth it -- the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon in the heat. While we were there, we saw several cars pull up with parents shepherding their kids towards some icy goodness.

There was even an impromptu family reunion, as separate vehicles from different directions pulled in and their passengers disembarked and hailed and hugged each other in the blazing summer heat. Who says Las Vegas ain't a family town?

The Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack opens at noon (1pm on Sundays) and is a seasonal business. Their last day this year will be August 29th. I suggest you stop by at least once before you have to wait until next summer.

Horizon Ridge & Arroyo Grande
(in the Speedee Mart parking lot)
Henderson, NV

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