Monday, July 26, 2010

My Bacon Martini Experience...

Something I recently read reminded me of last Christmas, when I met some friends at the Double Down Saloon for a late-night, holiday drink. It's a tradition my friends have had since our college days, meeting late on Christmas night at the best dive bar in America for a quick nightcap.

This time, I commented to the group that I had noticed a hand-drawn sign on the wall advertising bacon martinis. I realized that the sign had been there for years, but I had never seen anyone order the drink. The bartender quickly went into hard-sell mode, basically insulting my manhood for pointing out the sign and then balking at the idea of actually following through.

In short order, my stalwart companions ordered me a bacon martini, exerting bar-wide, full-press peer-pressure for me to drink it.

Turns out the Double Down makes their own bacon vodka, using long strips of the cheapest, fattiest bacon to infuse the liquor with the flavor and fatty viscosity of the bacon. The resulting liquor has an aftertaste that lingers...and lingers, tainting the rest of your night with bacon overtones that a full, over-toothpasted brushing cannot dim.

The pics that follow say enough about the experience that I shall comment no more.

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