Saturday, April 24, 2010

(More) Quick Thoughts on Health Care Reform

I have always thought the central problem confronting our nation's health-care system is our reliance on for-profit health insurance companies to administer care. The profit motive, while it may lead to innovations & efficiencies, is at odds with my view that health care is a public good, not a product. The recent news about WellPoint targeting breast-cancer patients is a case-in-point of the profit motive interfering with the public good. This is the same company that sought to hike its premiums last January (but, after public outcry, has postponed those hikes) and recently gave its CEO a big raise.

Well, I have found someone who articulates my view and proposes a sweeping, workable solution that still uses the strengths of the free market while insuring basic coverage for everybody. John E. Girouard wrote a well-reasoned, comprehensive article in Forbes Magazine in October of 2009. Mr. Girouard is the founder & President of Capital Asset Management Group, and he is the author of The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation, so he's no impractical, pie-in-the-sky reformer. He's a realistic business-man. I just wish the legislation that eventually passed Congress & was signed by the President had more of a resemblance to what Mr. Girouard proposed.

Please read Mr. Girouard's article.

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